Safe and Fun Slime Recipe

Slime is actually rather easy to make as any child will tell you these days. There are thousands of YouTube videos about it. But please be aware, not all recipes are safe for kids. This one is. 
Safety*    You may know that Health Canada advises against the early recipes for slime that used a much stronger concentration of borax. This recipe has been cleared by a scientist at Health Canada. I am using contact lens solution which uses a miniscule amount of borax.

Materials needed:    Elmer's white glue*, baking soda, food colour, glitter, contact lens solution (containing boric acid and sodium borate), bowl, stirring stick, ziploc bag (* Elmers Clear Glue works too, some other brands work, some do not.) 
Step 1     Put 170 grams of Elmer's White Glue (about 3/4 cup) in a bowl. Add a few drops of food colour. Add glitter. Stir until this gooey mixture is thoroughly mixed. 
Step 2    Add 12 ml (2.5 teaspoons) baking soda. Stir in very well.

Step 3    Add 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of contact lens solution and stir. Within about one minute, you will need to remove it from the bowl and mix it by hand. If it remains slightly gluey, you could add a little more contact lens solution. Presto! You have slime.

Notes    Keep your slime in a closed ziploc bag when you are not using it. 
Experiment with your slime. Does it bounce? Does it stretch? Can you break it? What else can you do with it? 
The science:    The molecules in the glue are a polymer (meaning they are long chains). When the contact lens solution is added, those chains get linked together in different places. That's what gives slime its strange characteristics.